Your University Name    the Competitive Edge

by Susan Whitcomb

Overview/What You Will Learn

In the final segment of her 3-part series, MBA Career Strategist Susan Whitcomb addresses crossing the more challenging job search bridges – attempting to switch either job functions and/or industries when lacking the specific skills or experience needed to land the job you want.  Here is Susan’s step-by-step strategy for staying on track to meet your goals.

Key Points

  • Some MBAs by this time have a very clear picture of the direction they want to take and others are still a bit fuzzy.  Fuzziness can be caused by many factors ranging from not having enough information to having too much, to being overloaded, lacking confidence or not finding anything appealing enough.
  • It’s critical to outline and follow a strategy to stay active in your career search. One of the most effective approaches to competing contains three elements:
    • Shift / Expand Your Job Target by
      • Lowering your position entry point or move laterally.
      • Entering a different type of position just to access a new industry.
      • Exploring affiliated or related industries.
      • Expanding your geographic area.
      • Revising your target salary.
    • Increase Your Competitiveness by
      • Elevating your ability level.
      • Identifying specific strengths that are important to your employer.
      • Joining or becoming more active in relevant student organizations.
      • Articulating a strong value proposition.
      • Networking.
    • Boost Your Likeability by
      • Exuding a positive attitude, genuine enthusiasm and interest.
      • Building and enhancing relationships with relevant contacts.
      • Demonstrating strong initiative.
      • Demonstrating loyalty within your network.

Your Next Steps / Tips for Success

  • Decide on or commit to a position and an industry.
  • Based on the feedback you’ve received and on the progress you’re making, shift and/or expand your job target, increase your competitiveness and boost your likeability.