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Be ready, be 'on' and be diligent.

  • Prep - Do your homework - on the interviewer, company and marketplace. Practice, practice, practice telling your own story.
  • Perform - Communicate a strong sense of self and an ability to positively impact and problem-solve for your target company.
  • Follow up - Keep in close touch: reinforce your strong interest and qualifications, and share any additional relevant information.

with Taura Prosek
WHY YOU?  Preparing Your Story to Answer the Inevitable Make or Break Interview Question

The interview is the sales opportunity that you've been waiting for to truly differentiate yourself from other candidates in ways that a resume cannot. I will share with you tips and strategies to follow when preparing for an interview performance that will help make yourself memorable, establish trust and confidence, stand out from the competition and strongly communicate your value to the interviewer.


with Alan Carniol
Preparing for the Tough Interview Questions
Preparing for the Tough Interview Questions
with Alan Carniol

To prepare for tough interview questions, Alan Carniol recommends doing this exercise:

Ask yourself this: What is the question that could cost you the job offer? Take 30 seconds to think about your answer and then write it down.

with Michael Goodman
Ace the Interview: Focus on the Company
A surefire way to send a powerful message to your interviewer is to arrive fully prepared to talk, in depth, about his or her business. … more>>

with Michael Goodman
Ace the Interview: Focus on the Interviewer
Every interviewer speaks a certain language. The best thing you can do to convince your interviewer that you are the right person for the job is to communicate your story using that same language.… more>>

with Michael Goodman
Ace the Interview: Focus on You
Talking about yourself can be difficult for some people, whether because of shyness or not wanting to appear boastful. Beyond B-School Executive Vice President and expert interviewer Michael Goodman… more>>

with Jordan Friedman
Performing Under Pressure: Top Interview Tools
You have worked hard for your job interview and now is your opportunity to shine. Yet, high stress at interview time can affect your performance.… more>>