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Expert Guides
Expert Guides
Move into action with the latest winning strategies to outperform in your job search with step-by-step roadmaps and guidance from top-tier advisors. Discover techniques for successful networking and negotiations, and explore the latest tools and technology to drive your search. Envision your goals, and master your mindset and methods to take you there.

How To Use Email For Management Job Search

Write winning messages that generate offers. In this all-in-one manual, discover templates for crafting powerful emails and developing a successful marketing strategy, where you are the product. Unlock the secrets to:
  • Set yourself apart and become the most memorable applicant.
  • Adapt templates, knowing exactly what to type fast.
  • Draft eye-catching emails that will get open and read.
  • Get straight to the point for superior results.
  • Conduct and utilize smart company research.


Understanding your market value and keeping an “I am worthy” mindset without sounding arrogant will make your efforts pay off. Timing of the negotiation is crucial and should happen only after you receive a salary offer. Know your value and how much increase you want, and make sure the hiring managing knows what value you will generate for the company.


Maintaining an accomplishment portfolio is important in salary negotiations, performance reviews and job interviews. Include notable projects with benefits; email recognitions and praises; professional education (external or internal) with certification; work related awards and previous education information relevant to your career growth. Store online or in a binder, keeping it updated to help bring your career to the next level.


Focusing on referrals is important to attain more job interviews and eventually land a job you want. This 5-step roadmap provides comprehensive, step-by-step methodologies to make this happen. Learn to develop a target employer list, searching for contacts, requesting for informational and networking meetings and keeping in touch will increase chances of one getting a great job.


Enhancing old skills and applying new ones as well as adapting to the new industry one is transferring to and speaking their language will help in the success of the career change. Keeping an open mind, having more confidence, overcoming fears, and staying focused will keep one motivated throughout the journey.

27 Ways to Quickly Boost Your MBA Job Search

One key tip from each of Beyond B-school’s team of 27 career experts is provided to make job seekers successful. Quickly scan the list to see who you want to consult to learn more.


Common wisdom says landing a job is dependent on WHO you know, not WHAT you know. Whether you are a beginner or advanced networker, this Guide gives you practical advice and tools to build relationships strategically - and land a job sooner!