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Career Change
Career Change

Launching a career change often involves risk and challenges different from searching for a new job that is a linear move from your current position. Get useful advice below to support you in taking a new direction.

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Presenter: Jenny Blake
Pivot: How to Make a Career Transition in Four Stages
Helping people pivot their careers from one to the next career change is what the author is most passionate about and what will be discussed in detail in the succeeding parts of this video. As Jenny says, "change is the only constant, so let's get good at it."

by Dawn Graham, Ph.D.
How to Overcome Top 10 Career Change Challenges

What You Will Learn

Practical tips to overcome the 10 most common obstacles to implementing a career change, from an executive and MBA career coach. Challenges include:

  • How can the skills that I gained from an MBA enhance my candidacy in this career change?
  • How do I overcome the concern that I'll be "throwing away" years of my life by taking a step backwards?


with Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest
Writing A Resume For Career Change
Making a career shift is one of the toughest/tricky moves to make. Ross Macpherson, shares the different strategies in this video on how to be successful in your career change by building a strong resume.

with Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest
Writing a LinkedIn Profile for Career Change
Ross Macpherson states that the strategies used in creating your resume applies to your Linkedin but done differently. The following are the Do’s in creating your linked in profile: