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Political candidates win with brilliant campaigns. Success follows similarly for job candidates. Be strategic, persuasive and thorough in your communications and choose your words carefully. In short, be visible and be credible.

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with Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest
Powerful Cover Letters:  What Do They Look Like and Do I Even Need One

In this video, Ross Macpherson focuses on the topic of cover letters and answers the questions and comments of “Do I even need them?”, “I never read them so why should I bother?” and “What are these emails I keep hearing about?” which clarifies the power of using cover letters in job applications.


with Hannah Morgan
How To Get Response To Your Email

During a job search, you usually ask your recipient to take some sort of action. With so many messages and so little time, you want to craft an email that makes the recipient want to open the message.


with Viveka von Rosen
How to Communicate with New LinkedIn Contacts

This video covers the ways of engaging with your connections on LinkedIn through commenting, sharing and liking updates of their activities, their articles and their posts or by sending them private messages.


with Ross Macpherson, President, Career Quest
How to contact a company

The presentation covers a method for contacting a dream company cold, without a referral or contact.  The strategy is a high-yield approach with a solid return on time invested to open doors.


with Taura Prosek
How An Executive Recruiter Can Enhance Your Job Search

I am commonly asked in my one-on-one career coaching sessions questions regarding how to engage with Executive Recruiters and what the protocol is around loyalty, payment, and what it means if a conversation takes place.